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On an overseas trip to Italy in 2012 we met Salvatore Ferragamo’s grandson & wife at a cocktail party in their private hotel in Florence, overlooking the Arno River.

They invited us to a private viewing at the Ferragamo Shoe Museum. Salvatore Ferragamo’s widow was a miniature shoe collector and each year she chose two pairs to add to her collection.

We were fortunate to be able to purchase the red flats, in the style that they made exclusively for Audrey Hepburn in the 50’s The other pair are representative of the 60’s

Miniature boot by R M Williams

Very rare RM Williams miniature brown riding boot.

In 1932 RM Williams met George Michael Smith (aka “Dollar Mick”) who taught RM leather craft. He began to make his riding boots from a single piece of leather, with only one smooth back seam.

Made for retail display by AG Muller & Sons Saddlery, Broken Hill, in the 1950’s.

Impressed in sole “Hand made by RM Williams, S.A. Super Butt Sole”

Pictured on a farriers rotary multi tool holder (NFS)

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