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From Coutura Vintage this Spectacular Egyptian Revival Theatre Necklace


A unique Egyptian Revival necklace that once graced the stages of the French Theatre during the late 19th Century. This superb, handmade piece features dazzling multi-coloured stones and jewels, intricate gilded scarabs and scrolls  – all strung together on durable iron wire. The necklace fastens at the back with a cord for quick and easy wardrobe changes. Each delicate detail captures the essence of its ongoing appeal and its historical significance. The “Cleopatra” style was originally popularised on stage by none other than Sarah Bernhardt (who played the title role of Cleopatra in 1891) as well as her contemporary Mata Hari, the notorious exotic dancer. These original theatre pieces are quite rare and usually only found in museums or specialist collections. A true work of art.


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